Benefits of Timberframe

Timber Frame Homes boast 30% shorter construction times than brick & block built homes. By opting for a timber frame design, home builders not only get into their new house much faster, but the efficiency of the timber frame construction process leads to significant project savings all round.

Factory fabrication is a quality and controlled process that minimizes man-made errors that would otherwise increase waste, prolong project times and inherently drive up costs. By enabling absolute dimensional accuracy and providing predictable project timelines, factory fabrication ensures that once transported to the site, the timber frame structure can be weather-tight in just 5 working days. This interior weather tightness, coupled with the use of dry lining (as opposed to traditional wet plaster), means work on the interior fixtures and fittings can be commenced immediately, whilst your block layer, roofer, & electrician set about their individual projects simultaneously.

An increasing preference for light, airy, contemporary homes that are at once energy efficient and environmentally friendly has rendered timber frame housing styles increasingly popular. Their lightweight structure and flexible design features have earned them pride of place on Channel 4’s top TV show ‘Grand Designs’, where show presenter Kevin McCloud follows each step of the timber home construction process from house plans to finished product. “The audience is always biggest when we have a timber building” remarks McCloud, on showcasing many of the UKs most avant-garde and exciting new home projects, the most remarkable of which have indisputably been those of timber frame design.

Whether you want to build a house quickly and cost efficiently be it for personal or investment purposes, or you have some grand design in mind and wish to build your dream home, timber frame construction methods are the best way to go! Our Irish Timber Frame Company offers a one-stop-shop for self builders, making your life easier. Take one step closer to making your dream home a reality and send us your house plans today, our timber frame experts will get back to you with a free quote within 24 hours.

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