Cost Efficiency of Timber Framing

ramstown-roof-trusses-pic-twoThere are many mitigating circumstances that can contribute to the overall cost effectiveness of timber frame construction methods. If you are choosing between timber frame and block / brick construction, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Factory conditions mean timber home production is unimpeded by weather conditions, leading to faster house production times – bringing down labor costs.
  • Similarly the entire timber frame structure can be erected on site in just 5 working days – producing the same; less time = less money results.
  • The reduced waste on-site during erection of timber frame structure means a lower skip requirement, saving waste disposal costs.
  • Timber frame erection requres fewer and smaller deliveries of materials to the site, saving you delivery costs.
  • Properly insulated timber frame homes are energy saving and can save you over 30% off home heating and energy bills – meaning a lifetime of annual savings.
  • With the new Irish building regulations and recent compulsory issuing of BER certificates, higher energy ratings will significantly increase the value of your new timber frame home, with regard to both resale and property rental values.

Once the timber frame structure has been erected, the roofer, block worker and even the electrician can begin their respective tasks immediately. Also unlike traditional build houses, the external block work and roofing can be carried out simultaneously, saving new home builders time, money and a lot of headaches.

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