EPBD – Amendment Part L & The Kyoto Protocol

What is ‘Part L Amendment’?

The Part L Amendment is an amendment made to the Irish Building    Regulations in 2006, in accordance with the EU Directive on the Energy 4_timberframe-wallPerformance of Buildings, or EPBD. The EU directive was laid out in light of the Kyoto Protocol, which requires that all EU member states dramatically reduce their CO2 emissions by 2012, reduce dependency on fossil fuels and limit energy wastage.

As construction and use of buildings accounts for 45% of Irish CO2 emissions, the ways in which we build, insulate and heat our homes stood out as major factors to be addressed. The L amendment lays out a new set of energy performance standards that must be achieved by all new houses built from the 1st of January 2007.

In Ireland, under amendment Part L, all new houses must attain a BER certificate, (or Building Energy Rating certificate). Energy assessors are sent out to all new build homes to calculate it\’s building energy rating, which will then be stated on the BER certificate.

These building energy ratings must then be presented to any future home buyers and tenants of the building on request, so that they may take in account the energy performance of a building before committing to any sale or rental agreement.