Speed of Timberframe Construction

pic-3One of the main benefits of Timber Frame Construction is it’s speed of construction relative to conventional brick and mortar methods. The wall panels, floor joists and roof trusses that make up the timber frame structure are pre-fabricated in the Ramstown factory and once delivered to the site the entire timber structure can be erected, roofed with breather membrane and tiling battens in a matter of days.

This allows internal and external trades’ full access to proceed with their work regardless of weather conditions.

Construction Time of Standard 2-Storey Timber Frame Building


Engineer receives clients plans and carries out structural calculations for the Timber frame house.

Timeframe: 24-48 hrs


Floor joists, wall panels and roof trusses are manufactured in the Ramstown factory according to engineer\’s specifications

The timber frame materials are loaded onto the Ramstown lorry and transported to the construction site.

Timeframe: 5 Working Days

Phase 2: THE SITE

Day 1:

•    The base for the timber frame structure is marked out
•    The timber floor joists are lifted into position
•    The first floor timber wall panels are erected on top of the floor joists

Timeframe: 5 Working Days


Day 2:

•    The roof trusses are lifted by crane and laid into position on top of first floor wall panels


Days 3 to 5:

•    Timber Home is grounded out
•    Fascia is erected
•    Fire stops and dpcs are put in
•    Breather Membrane is laid on the timber roof and battens nailed down

Timber framed home is now ready for the external block layer, the roofer, and the electrician!

House ready for plastering.

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