Timber Homes are Greener Homes

Timber Framed Houses make Eco-Friendly Homes   

Construction and use of buildings accounts for 45% of all CO2 emissions in Ireland, with residential buildings accounting for 30% of this figure.

Timber frame houses are recognised as the most thermally efficient form of building, as it requires far less energy to heat timber frame homes. In fact, timber houses produce 44% less CO2 emissions than traditional concrete block houses – reducing your carbon footprint by almost half in a single step.

Furthermore, with an intermittent heating regime, timber frame homes will give 33% higher levels of comfort than concrete / block houses for the same inputs of heat energy.

Timber is an Eco-Friendly Building Material

Timber is an organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable building material.

Ramstown Timber Frame Company uses quality stress graded softwood timber for the structural framework, imported and sourced from managed European forests where many more trees are planted to replace those that are cut down, thereby achieving optimal levels of material and energy conservation.

By using only European softwood produced in managed forests, the irish timber frame industry does not factor in the problem of worldwide deforestation, but on the contrary contributes to the growth and spread of European forests, as for every tree cut down in a european managed-forest, 2 more are planted.

These managed forest act as a carbon sink, soaking up in excess of 9.5 million carbon tonnes.

Timber Framing is an Eco-Friendly Construction Method

Manufacture of wood products uses less energy and produces less CO2 emissions than the manufacture of man-made products – in fact concrete structures require 5 times more energy to produce than timber frame structures.

The fiber-glass insulation used in timber frame construction contains no ozone damaging CFC’s and is superior in it’s conservation of heat energy.

An Increase of 10% in European timber frame homes would produce sufficient carbon savings to meet 25% of the requirements under the Kyoto Protocol for EU CO2 Emission Reduction by 2012.

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