SpaceJoist – Open Web System

Space Joist is a popular engineered pre-fab floor floor system that combines the best features of an I-joist with an open web construction to deliver maximum site efficiency and overall cost effectiveness.

Build it fast
SpaceJoist has a number of features that simplify construction, which helps a project to run smoothly, and meet deadlines: The consistent width and depth of the off-site manufactured SpaceJoists provide easier floor material installation, while the open web design allows for service runs without the need for drilling or notching. These benefits reduce the amount of time contractors spend on site, speed up construction, and ultimately save you money.

Build it for less
SpaceJoist’s lightweight open web design provides on-site savings. The long spans that SpaceJoist is able to achieve can eliminate the need for costly intermediate load bearing walls. The bespoke design of each SpaceJoist to fit a particular job reduces the site wastage and pilferage of timber joists.

BCI Joists: Standard I-Joist Silent Flooring System

Ramstown uses Boise Engineered Wood Products, a world leader in high quality engineered BCI joists.

Joists are manufactured to precise specifications using VERSA-LAM laminated veneer lumber flanges bonded to an oriented strand board (OSB) web.

The use of VERSA-LAM as the flange material avoids the inherent problems that plague solid timber such as shrinking, twisting, cupping, and bowing, all of which contribute to squeaky floors.

Light in weight, yet immensely strong, the long length BCI Joists are quick and easy to install. Delivered to site in precise pre-cut component packages, the SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM dramatically reduces installation times and potential for error.

Straight and True, BCI Joists create flat floors and even ceilings. Pre-stamped holes in the OSB web allows speedy installation of wiring and plumbing. Other holes can be made in the web to accomodate larger services.

Floor Panels are fabricated in factory using 225×47 C24 Grade Timber at 400 centers with 18mm OSB3 Board as flooring, subject to design by an engineer.

Joists are available in depths of 241mm to 406mm and can achieve a single span of 5.037m to 6.822m dependent upon depth selected.