Insulation for your home

There are Many Types of insulation on the market today:
Sheeps Wool
Muli Foils

Before you decide on the insulation for your home make sure you have the correct information.
All products should be certified with Irish Agreement certificate or equivalent
All products have data sheets ask the supplier for them.
All products Will have a lambda value and this is the value that is used to calculate you U value.
U values are calculated on the total makeup of the wall/roof from the paint in the inside to the plaster/tile on the outside.

Get your Building Energy Rater to check the calculations.

Examples of U values using Ramstown Insulation

We supply a standard home insulation package that meets all the structural U-Value requirements needed to achieve the minimum C1 energy rating as laid out in the L-amendment.
Our many upgrade options are available to enable you to improve upon this energy rating and achieve maximum levels of energy efficiency and savings. Under Amendment-L all new build homes must achieve a minimum C1 energy rating as standard.
The upgrade packages available can achieve A-ratings provided they are carried out in accordance with the recommended standards of glazing, heating and ventilation.