Timberframe Houses

Ramstown Timberframe Homes can design and engineer a timber frame structure to meet any plans drawn up by your architect. Please view our slideshow below to view our step-by-step guide to the Ramstown Timber Frame Construction Process)

We convert your architect’s plans into a timber frame structure using the latest in AutoDesk Technology and within just 3 days can provide you and your contractor with foundation drawings for the marking out and preparation of the base.

We wait until the base is fully completed before commencing any work on the manufacturing of the timberframe. This is so that our project manager can measure the base to ensure your timber frame kit is a perfect fit.

Once the project manager has given the go-ahead, the factory will be notified and your timberframe home will immediately be put into production. The floor joists, wall panels, and roof trusses that make up the entire internal leaf of your home can be pre-fabricated in our factory in just 5 working days.

We will then transport the materials to the site where we will erect them for you. Within just 3-5 days, the entire internal leaf of the building has been completed and is now ready for the block layer, roofer, plasterer and electrician to arrive and put the final touches on your new energy efficient timber frame home.

In addition to the timber frame build, Ramstown Timberframe Homes can arrange the following services:

  • Lathing & Felting
  • Tiling / Slating
  • Insulation
  • Plastering
  • 2nd Fix Carpentry
  • Scaffolding
  • Project Management

Timberframe Kit Component Schedule

External Timber Framework:

  • External walls are factory assembled in varying lengths and with preformed window and door openings as per plan.
  • Timber used is kiln dried plus treated with preservatives to comply with relative STD.
  • Panels shall be manufactured with 89x38mm or 140x38mm CLS at 400mm centers as per Engineers Specification.
  • Panels will be faced with 9mm OSB3 board and board shall be covered with heavy quality breather membrane to Relative STD.
  • All openings in exterior panels preformed with 220x44mm lintels or to engineers requirements.

All necessary additional cripple studs are preformed with panels.

Internal Timber Framework:

  • Internal walls are factory assembled using 89x38mm CLS.
  • Stud partitions with preformed door openings. Studs will be as per Engineers specifications.


Timber Roof:

  • With the aid of our engineered Roof software, roof trusses are manufactured and assembled. Wind bracing will be supplied in accordance with I.S./193.
  • Gable and ladders shall be factory manufactured to be erected on site.
  • Backing for PVC fascia and soffit shall be fitted.
  • Storage tank support to be supplied and fitted in roof.

All roofs that are done after block work (eg. ’Bay Window’) are not the responsibility of the Timber Frame Company.

Timber Floors:

Floor Panels are fabricated in factory using 225×47 C24 Grade Timber at 400 centers with 18mm OSB3 Board as flooring, subject to design by an engineer.
Room Vents:

All required vents should be provided to conform to building regulations.

Fire Stopping:

All cavity barriers and fire stops shall be supplied.

Material to be supplied (only)

  • Roof Battons 50x40mm
  • Protect A1 felt to comply with relative standards
  • 140mm Acoustic Insulation for External Walls
  • 300mm Fibreglass Insulation for attic
  • 100mm Rockwool for internal walls and between joists in floor area compartment.
  • 12.5mm plasterboard for ceiling and walls
  • Wall ties (timber frame) & nails
  • Internal solid red deal doors, door Frames, door Stop, architrave 5″ moulded skirting plus furniture fixtures.
  • Stairs


Methods of payment

1. 20% Deposit

2. 2 stage payments – 1st payment for Timber Frame following the delivery to site and 2nd payment to be made in full prior to delivery of full contract.

Or, alternatively, Solicitors letter of undertaking guaranteeing payment immediately from the draw down on loan after the delivery of Timber Frame.