Is your Mechanical Ventilation working properly

Is your Mechanical Ventilation working properly

Ensure your Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is running at its peak performance.

  • Step 1: Clean or Replace Air Filters

Dirty or clogged filters can lower ventilation efficiency. Filters in most new      HRVs can be easily removed, cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every 3 months. HRV now have an indicator light telling you that the filters need replacing. If your HRV is easily accessible, this is a 5 minute job.

  •  Step 2: Check Outdoor Intake and Exhaust Hoods

Remove leaves, waste paper or other obstructions that may be blocking the outside vents of your HRV. Without this vital airflow, your HRV won’t function properly. During winter, clear any snow or frost build-up blocking outside vents.

  • •Step 3: Inspect the Condensate Drain

HRV have a condensate drain, a pipe or plastic tube coming out of the bottom.  Slowly pour about two litres of warm, clean water in the drain inside the HRV to make sure it’s flowing freely. If there’s a backup, clean the drain.

  • •Step 4: Clean Grilles and Inspect the Ductwork

Once a year check the ductwork leading to and from your HRV. Remove and inspect the grilles covering the duct ends, then vacuum inside the ducts. If a more thorough cleaning is required, call your service technician.

  • Step 5: Service the Fans

Remove the dirt that has accumulated on the blades by gently brushing them. Most new HRVs are designed to run continuously without lubrication. Check your manual for complete instructions.

  • Step 6: Arrange for Annual Servicing

Your HRV should be serviced annually. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, contact a technician and make sure the technician you call has been trained by the manufacturer of your HRV.

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