What Is Timberframe?

Timber Frame is a prefabricated, fast, quality controlled and energy efficient method of house construction. Timber Framing is becoming increasingly popular with new home builders, self builders and both small and large scale developers throughout Ireland.

Timber walls, floors and roof trusses are prefabricated under controlled conditions in a factory setting and then assembled later on-site.

The basic structure of a timber frame building consists of wooden wall panels, timber flooring and roofing materials built upon a timber framework. These timberframe components are nailed to the framework to provide a sturdy skeleton.

Cross Section of Timber Frame Wall

1. Breather Membrane

2. Inner lining of plasterboard

3. Stud framework

4. Sheathing material

5. Vapour check

6. Insulation

7. Ventilated cavity

8. Masonry outer leaf

9. Stainless steel wall ties