Why Timber Frame Construction?

There are many considerations that self builders must take into account when building a new home. In the advent of what is fast becoming a 21st century war on global warming, both industrial and residential CO2 emissions have become tightly regulated. Couple this with spiralling oil costs and the irreversible depletion of earth\’s most vital non-renewable resource and it is plain to see why the first and foremost issue on every new home builders agenda right now is energy efficiency.

Recent amendments in Irish building regulations demand higher standards in home insulation from all new home builders. Energy assessors, also known as BER assessors are being sent out to calculate home energy ratings, and energy performance certificates (or BER certificates) are now required from all new build homes.

Timber framing is an energy saving system that cuts an average of 33% off the annual cost of heating your home. Throughout this timber frame website we provide you with essential information regarding the thermal benefits of timber frame design. Furthermore, our timber frame experts provide online guidelines and diagrams illustrating how to insulate your home to standards that will achieve optimum energy ratings from any BER assessor.

As part of our One-Stop-Shop for Self Builders, Ramstown Timber Frame Company now offers to supply the insulation materials for you. Standard, upgrade, and airtight insulation options are available and can be tailor-designed to meet any new home builders needs.

The speed of timber frame construction is another benefit that sways new home builders towards building a timber frame home. Timber frame homes can be manufactured and erected 30% faster than block built homes. Since timber frame suppliers can build a new house much faster, timber frame construction methods provide significant project savings and offer superior return on investment for any new home builder. Whilst the initial costs of building a timber frame house are calculated at around the same as a block build, the overall cost of building a new house is significantly reduced by the time and cost efficiency of a timber frame build.

The precision and accuracy of factory fabrication is a further cost saving benefit of timber frame construction methods. Manufacturing timber frame components in a controlled factory environment ensures there are less errors and waste as well as predictable project timelines.